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Street Musicians Festival

The festival gathers mainly musicians, but also dancers, theatre companies, performers and acrobats and is a large outdoor art workshop, where the audience participates on an equal footing with the artists. The festival’s programme takes place in several locations at the same time. During three festival days, over 100 artists from the country and abroad perform both on and off stages, in the streets. The performers are from Serbia, the region, Europe, the USA and other countries and the programme consists of musical and artistic performances, open air theatre plays, film and video screenings, art installations, interventions in space, workshops, conferences, lectures, organised tours, etc.

The idea not to distinguish between ‘street’ and ‘established’ artists comes from our belief that art always belongs to the streets, which is why the Street Musicians Festival is the place where distinguished professional musicians and absolute amateurs can meet.

Every year, the Street Musicians Festival is attended by over 70,000 visitors during its three days and the entire programme has always been free ever since it was founded.

In the last few years, the festival has been organised by the Inbox Art Association from Novi Sad, which adapted its original concept to modern business and communication trends in art and culture.