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Železničar Mountaineering Club Inđija

The Železničar Mountaineering Club Inđija is a society with tradition going back to the 1950. Although small in size, our society boasts of having conquered numerus peaks, such as Ararat, western peak of Mount Elbrus, High Atlas, Glossglockner, Triglav, Musala, Mytikas and many others. We regularly participate in republic and traditional mountaineering campaigns, as well as in those undertaken in Kosovo and Metohija; we take part in the Belgrade Marathon and Novi Sad Half Marathon. Apart from participating in various campaigns every year, we can also boast of participating in initiatives abroad (Bulgaria, Montenegro, BiH, Slovakia, etc.)

Every weekend we take part in training tours which mostly include hiking and bicycle riding in the Mountain of Fruška Gora.

We host and organize the event called Danube Magic in August.

Today, our society has around 60 members and is regarded as one of the younger societies.

Železničar Mountaineering Club Inđija

Vojvode Stepe 40, Inđija, Serbia

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