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Red Cross Sremski Karlovci

Volunteering is a form of humane behaviour. The purpose of volunteering is to help others - individuals, groups, organisations or the community as a whole, without expecting any compensation.

Volunteers are the basic force of the Red Cross. In our organisation, we train you to give first aid, motivate voluntary blood donors, participate in initiatives to collect relief items for socially disadvantaged families, and in other activities, programmes and events we organize.
The purpose of our activities is to effect positive changes in people’s lives.

The Red Cross organisation is constantly seeking for new volunteers that could provide their experience, skills, knowledge and good will to contribute to the improvement of the programmes we implement, therefore, feel free to contact us!

Who can become a volunteer

Everyone can be a volunteer. It is irrelevant which shool or university you attend, what are your grades, or the diploma you have obtained; it is also irrelevant whether you have previous working or life experience or how much free time you have. By talking to you, we will together find a programme that suits your disposition, life circumstances and abilities

What we expect from a volunteer

We expect our volunteers to positively respond to most of the following statements:

-I love people and I earnestly want to help them.
-I sympathise with other people’s suffering.
-I know my limits and I do not take on more than I can fulfil.
-I can understand the differences resulting from different origin or orientation.
-I have already been told that I know how to communicate with people.
-I love to learn new things. I manage my free time very well.
-I would like to dedicate a couple of hours per week to volunteering.
-I want to actively fight for the promotion of humane values.
-I assume responsibility for my obligations and promises.
-I think positively and can smile widely

Thank you, once again, for showing interest in the work of the Red Cross!

Red Cross Sremski Karlovci

Pupinova, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia