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Photographic Club of Vojvodina

The Photographic Club of Vojvodina is an association of citizens (photographers and photophiles) set up on 9 July 2010 in Novi Sad.

The association developed from the wish of a large number of photographers (enthusiasts) to change things for the better in terms of photography in the City of Novi Sad and the AP of Vojvodina, which is the territory where the association operates.

The times are hard and they were even harder; however, that is not the reason to become a silent partaker in the time we are living in. On the contrary, we have to face the challenge and be resolute in what we have decided to do, which is to nurture the photographic tradition in these areas and broaden the knowledge of and skills in photography as a form of art and a document of time.

Photographic Club of Vojvodina

Berislava Berića 7, Novi Sad, Serbia