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Through its expert work and organized action, the Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre contributes to the establishment of a humane civic society, by providing assistance and support to the socially endangered, vulnerable and marginalized groups and developing their potentials for a decent life; encouraging citizen activism; improving the capacity of the community for protection and care; promoting health, research work and education.

Our target groups are socially endangered, marginalized and especially vulnerable groups in the society, including: refugees and displaced persons, Roma, the elderly, children and young people, and victims of violence.

The NSHC brings together committed and responsible citizens and experts in humanitarianism who provide equal and unbiased care for every endangered person, regardless of the race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity, the language they speak and their political and other beliefs. The association implements the projects and programmes of public interest and special social relevance.

The NSHC operates on the territory of Novi Sad, AP Vojvodina and the entire Serbia. Furthermore, the NSHC takes part in the implementation of cross-border and regional projects.

+38121 423 021, +38121 423 024

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