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Independent Association of Addicts

The Independent Association was founded in November 2005 with the participation of mostly professionals sensitive to the narcotic drugs problem who want change.

The goals and activities of general benefit are activities to prevent and treat drug use among young people. The Association builds a network with representatives of other disciplines to encourage addicts and their immediate environment to change their lifestyle, and to monitor and support them through ongoing - voluntary - help and care. The work of the Association covers the complex treatment of narcotic drug problems, a wide range of services from prevention of drug use in adolescence to care after their use. An important task is to educate young people on how to use their time instead of consuming drugs, so that they can spend their free time usefully. It is important that the help of the Association is received not only by drug users, but also by people who come into contact with the drug problem (young people and their parents, educators, other professionals working in the field of assistance provision, etc.).

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