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Environmental Protection Engineers

Environmental Protection Engineers bring together everyone who wants to help accomplish the mission and vision, observing the principles and values we nurture and develop.

The inspiration to set up such organisation in 2005 came from the founders’ need to provide a clear and specific contribution to reducing human impact on the environment and apply the knowledge and energy to achieve sustainable development in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia, Europe and the world.

The philosophy of work of Environmental Protection Engineers relies on the letter of the Indian chief Seattle from 1854 which represents a manifesto of indigenous people who were spiritually superior to the conquerors with primitive views on Mother Nature.

A special place in the organisation is held by professional environmental engineers and experts in similar professions who are the pillar of the activity and operation of the association.

All activities we undertake must have an expert approach and clear positive effects as this is the only way to support development of a sustainable society we strive to create.

Environmental Protection Engineers

Đorđa Rajkovića 13a, Novi Sad, Serbia

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