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Environmental Movement of Vrbas

The Environmental Movement of Vrbas is a non-governmental organisation established in Vrbas by a group of citizens who share the idea of preserving nature and spiritual heritage and raising environmental awareness.

As the founders, we were “lucky” to be born in an utterly neglected environment, lacking human awareness, but abundant in negligence, arrogance, docility and hypocrisy, which is exactly what suits our restless spirit, eager for challenges and confrontation.

We have always though that mental pollution is neck and neck with physical pollution and have thus set its “disinfection” to be our primary goal.

The road of knowledge we have taken and the commitment to surround ourselves with people smarter than ourselves when adopting our positions, without being vain, leaves our opponents speechless. Unfortunately, they defend their destructive interests with a powerful weapon - disregard. Disregard for “media controllers” leaves you at the margin and throws you into obscurity, regardless of the force of your arguments.

We have initiated the website renouncing a lot, in order to:

-   make a bridge over the media, especially the local ones, that are still shackled by ignorance and pressure,

-   ensure that our integral positions are available to the public,

-   reach our dormant and anaemic people and try to convey our thoughts and messages to them, and

-   with some luck, possibly find another soulmate.

Given that the Environmental Movement of Vrbas is independent, we are able to “vitalise” our ideas and promote our positions, irrespective of any higher authority. That is why the priority of our action is to carry out an unflagging search for negative models, regardless of their level of authority or wealth, and make them the focus of our reasoned criticism.

Environmental Movement of Vrbas

Jožefa Atile 22, Vrbas, Serbia

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