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Environmental Association Avalon

The Environmental Association Avalon is committed to environmental protection, humanistic ideals, human rights and freedoms, the principles of tolerance and respect of differences, multiculturalism and solidarity.

The mission of our organisation is to contribute to environmental protection in the South Banat and much further; raise environmental awareness and support society revitalisation and humanisation, with a focus on developing understanding and tolerance among genders, different ethnic communities and religions.

We are committed to the vision of an environmentally aware society which successfully improves the condition of the environment, observes human rights, respects civil initiatives, nurtures the spirit of understanding, tolerance and cooperation between different ethnic communities and members of different religions.

It was founded in early 2003. Avalon has organized 7 environmental camps and implemented more than 10 environmental and social projects of which half were supported by international institutions and organisations. In addition, it has organized a series of out-of-project activities, especially in emergency situations where there was no time to wait for the processes of awarding funds for such projects. Avalon has 170 members, including 30 volunteers.

Environmental Association Avalon

Igmanska 23, Vršac, Serbia

+381 (060) 7347095, +381 (060) 6050630

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