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Diákcentrum Universitas Foundation

The goal of the organization is to provide young people living in the Great Southern Plain region with life management and skills development services so that they could become independent individuals capable of leading efficient lives, solving their problems and working.

Life management counselling: you can seek help from the professionals to solve problems on your independent life path. One of the special forms of counselling that is available in our foundation is counselling on professional guidance, which is a great opportunity to clarify individual issues and problems related to employment with counsellors. Counsellors also initiate and conduct thematic training courses (on education, group leadership). The Foundation provides support to young people with disabilities and operates a personal support network; it also helps create equal opportunities for students with disabilities by providing a group of special services that offer different ways to ensure their independent living, tailored to their personal needs. There is a peer support group consisting of students called “KortársAid” as a part of the University Centre for Counselling and Life Management. With its entertaining, recreational programs, the KortársAid group makes students' lives more vivid, giving their peers attention, good mood and understanding.

Diákcentrum Universitas Foundation

Szeged, Vitéz u. 17, 6722 Hungary

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