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Cultural Centre of Banat

The Cultural Centre of Banat (BKC) is the first private cultural centre in Serbia. The family creative industry engages in artistic creation, production and different types of cultural action. The BKC organizes numerous cultural programmes in the entire Vojvodina, Serbia and abroad. The Cultural Centre of Banat has a developed publishing production with regular participation at book fairs, and it organizes annually the total of six traditional events and festivals presenting through its work a unique concept of cultural action.

The Cultural Centre of Banat is distinguished by the activity from the local to the global level through art and literature, as well as by nurturing of the tradition and concept of the historically multicultural Banat.

The founder and director of the family cultural centre with the seat in Novo Miloševo is Radovan Vlahović, a writer.

The BKC organizes different cultural programmes (literature, painting, musical, theatre, film, multimedia, etc.) both in the country and abroad. It has organized more than 700 different programmes so far.

The Cultural Centre of Banat opened in 2006 under the present name, and it had been preceded by other private forms of action: Theatre in Nature, established in 1985 in Krušedol, Cultural Yard, founded in 1986 in Novo Miloševo, as well as the publishing and cultural activity of Novi Zenit during 1990s.

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