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Grape Harvest Festival

The Grape Harvest Festival in Sremski Karlovci (“Grožđembal” in Serbian) developed from the traditional folk custom marking the beginning of the harvest season. It was revived in 1992 and has become an annual event, organized at the end of September or beginning of October.

The purpose of the festival is to promote the cultural and spiritual tradition of the town, advance tourism and primarily encourage all grape growers to continue producing wine and thus maintain the rich tradition of their ancestors.

The programme of the Grape Harvest Festival in Sremski Karlovci comprises a commercial segment including selling and exhibition of grapes, wines and authentic souvenirs, and a cultural and artistic segment including exhibitions and a varied cultural and entertainment programme (concerts of renowned performers, plays, folk dances, etc.).

The major part of the programme takes place in the centre of Sremski Karlovci, bringing together around 100,000 visitors every year.