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About the programme and the project

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Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia

The Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia is implemented within the European Union’s financial framework 2014-2020, as part of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). Based on the “shared management system” of the participating countries – Hungary and Serbia, the Programme funds and supports cooperation projects of organisations situated in the programme-designated area – of the Hungarian counties of Csongrad and Bacs-Kiskun and the Serbian territories: West Bačka, North Bačka, South Bačka, North Banat, Middle Banat, South Banat and Srem.


The programme helps develop a stable and cooperative region and the overall quality of life in the cross-border region. It ensures economic cooperation of organisations from the two countries, nurtures their common identity and cultural and historical heritage of the cross-border region, contributing to its environmental sustainability and safety.
For more information, visit: www.interreg-ipa-husrb.com


Nafuture project

NAFUTURE project ensures increased visibility and availability of information on youth activities and events in the cross-border region of Serbia and Hungary, as well as improved communication and interaction among young people from both sides of the border.


The project is co-funded by the European Union.


The project “Nature for the Future without Borders” started as an idea and a joint initiative of two partners involved in every part of the project development. Each partner (LB – Red Cross of Vojvodina and B1 – Red Cross of Csongrad) when analyzing the current situation insisted on an analytical approach as most relevant to solve current issues. 

The project primarily tackles children from the age of 7 to 18 and tends to increase their mobility through involvement in sports, leisure and nature protection activities, to build capacities of youth organizations and public institution, and to establish modern online promotional tools for communication between youth in the cross-border region. 

The partners have agreed that one of the main issues to be addressed in this project is the lack of youth mobility and communication in the cross-border region. All the activities that were conducted within this project (fun events, nature protection actions, and sport-recreational events – 8 events, 4 in Serbia and 4 in Hungary with a total of 240 young people) took place outdoors with a minimum of presence of modern technologies and with strong emphasize of equal opportunities to all. 

The partners also noticed the lack of direct communication between School-Age children with their closest friends and with the youth from across the border. Most of the communication they have is through social networks. Therefore, the idea of both partners was to increase mobility among youth and to raise environmental awareness. By increasing mobility, we created a good basis for their further cooperation and in the long term, and enhanced tourism in eligible area. For promoting all the activities in nature and to establish a sustainable cross border cooperation network one of the project activity was to form an online promotional tool for communication among youth in the cross-border region. The project emphasizes cross-border impact through all phases of project development and implementation.

The NAFUTURE Closing Conference was held in Hungary on 18.03. The same day the project team members have presented the document: Analysis of social life of youth in the cross-border region. This analysis is a document that gives us a general overview of the social life of young people in the cross-border region, defines the life habits of young people, their attitude towards common values, as well as their attitude towards family, school and community, and gives conclusions and suggestions for improving their lives. Participants were the youth organizations, local authorities and interested parties.

The project’s overall achievements includes the results of the activities organized within the project as the basis for sustainable platform for future cooperation among the partners, institutions and organizations involved, and most of all, children and youth. The immobility of the youth is significantly improved through communication and friendship at the joint events and activities such as educational, sport and fun events organized, as well as nature protect events for young people, especially school children, on both sides of the border.