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The Artkor Association is an organisation gathering culture and culture management and ecology and environmental protection professionals experienced in organising major events and projects.

In line with the interests of the team gathered around this association, popularising culture at all levels, raising awareness of the importance of environmental conservation, searching for new forms of cultural and artistic expression, promoting and developing the freedom of artistic expression and media freedom, improving environmental protection and educating citizens, especially children and young people, about the importance of environmental conservation and protection are at the core of its activity.

In a nutshell, the Artkor Association is dedicated to exploring new cultural relations, modern artistic practice and contemporary social topics such as ecology.

Diverse and rich, the culture of Brazil has started spreading more intensively throughout Europe in the last few decades through various forms of artistic expression – samba baterias, electronic music, samba dance and capoeira. The Artkor Team have recognised this cultural trend and decided to make it closer to Serbia and Novi Sad. As a result, Artkor has been organising a series of summer events called ‘Bossanoga’ (a play on words meaning ‘barefoot’ in Serbian) for several years in a row. The aim is to promote Brazilian music, from traditional pagode to modern samba funk and electronic music. In the last two years, the Association has organised the Days of Brazil, the first festival to celebrate the culture of Brazil in Novi Sad.